About Us

senior woman and nurse smilingOur Home Care Philosophy

Rite Time Home Care Services, Inc. strives to never compromise on providing high-quality services to you and your loved ones. We work hard to maintain a dedicated service with humility to all our clients.

Any potential member of our staff is thoroughly screened with:

  • Reference Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • CORI checked

Our employees receive regular performance evaluations and participate in on-going programs of Continuous Education.

We are a Multicultural Homecare Agency

Our staff can speak fluent Spanish, French, and Italian. We believe that effective communication with our clients and their family members will lead to a better quality of home health care. We keep you informed of the progress of your treatment and will accordingly adjust to your needs as your health changes over time.

The Mission Statement

A home holds more than furniture. It holds previous memories and life. Rite Time Home Care Services, Inc. provides care to clients of all ages in their homes while integrating Community Health Nursing. Our staff works with principles that focus on health promotion and on environmental, psychosocial, economic, cultural, and personal health factors.

Through our team of relentless staff, we assist you or your loved ones to stay in your home for as long as possible while allowing you to exercise your highest level of independence.

Professionalism of Staff and Services at Rite Time Home Care Services, Inc.

We respond to home health care requests after hours in a prompt manner. If you receive a voice message when you call us, we’ll call back within fifteen minutes or less. We are professionally committed to serving your needs in the way that’s most convenient for you.