Physical Therapy

senior man exercising with adult manPhysical Therapy with Rite Time Home Care Services, Inc. allows you or your loved one to receive direct professional rehabilitative treatment from licensed therapists. We focus on restoring and/or enhancing the musculoskeletal functions of the patient through:

  • Pain management
  • Fall Risk Reduction
  • Muscle Therapy
  • Sports Rehabilitation Therapy
  • Orthopedic Therapy
  • Post-surgery Therapy
  • Geriatric Therapy
  • Pediatric Therapy
  • Flexibility Training
  • Home exercise programs

It is our business to provide you with health care services in your home. However, it is our compassion that makes us deliver care that surpasses industry standards. To begin taking advantage of home health care conveniences from Rite Time Home Care Services, Inc., please send us an online request for services or you can also call our staff at 781-475-7864.